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Bc Lease Agreement Template

Be sure to include in the rental agreement all the standard conditions using these forms: i. parts of buildings, buildings, improvements, facilities, utilities, equipment and facilities in or in any part of the building that from time to time are not designated or intend to be leased to tenants of the building, including without limitation, walls, roofs, exterior entrances and exits, parking lots, entrances, fires and loading areas, storage, mechanical and electrical premises, areas above and under rentable premises and not included in non-rented premises, security and alarm installations, grass and landscape surfaces, retaining walls and maintenance, cleaning and operations equipment used by the building; and non-applicable monthly lease payments to be made by issuing cheques to the tenant`s bank account with a Canadian financial institution. 25. The tenant agrees with the above rules and regulations, which are part of this rental agreement and each of them, and agrees that, for such a persistent offense, it or any of them, as the lessor considers, to upset or disturb the enjoyment of another tenant, or for the gross faults of the tenant, or any person below, the lessor may declare the termination and termination of the rental agreement that accompanies it and require possession of the premises with a period of (1) week. To the extent that the Lessee lives on the premises and the Lessee has not fulfilled its obligations under the Lease Agreement, the Lessor shall pay the maximum amount of USD 100,000.00 plus GST (the “Allowance”) to contribute to the initial lease improvements installed by or on behalf of the Lessee. The remuneration is intended solely for the improvement of the premises and must be paid in instalments to the tenant`s approved contractor, in accordance with what has been agreed between the lessor, the lessee and the approved contractor, after presentation of the contractor`s invoices duly certified by the lessee and provided that the work indicated therein has been carried out. and provided that the tenant has executed the lease in a form satisfactory to the landlord. The last ten (10%) of reprocessing are payable after the last of the following cases has occurred: (a) the basic rent, the basic rent is the annual rent that the lessor could reasonably collect for that area from a consenting tenant who, having regard to all the relevant circumstances, acts at another time with the lessor at another time, including the size and location of the space, the facilities made available, the terms of such a lease (including its provisions on additional rents), the condition of the premises and any recent leases concluded by the lessor of premises comparable in the building to those with which the lessor has to deal under market conditions. If ninety (90) days before the extension period, the lessor and the tenant have not reached an agreement on the amount of that basic rent, that basic rent shall be decided by binding arbitration in accordance with Article 21.2, provided that the annual base rent to be paid during the extension period is not less than the basic annual rent to be paid during the the last year of the term; If the lessee, with the permission of the lessor, occupies the premises or part thereof before the start date, such occupation shall be considered permissive and, in the absence of any other written agreement thereon, shall be subject to the provisions of this Rental Agreement, including payment for use and use in the amount of the basic rent and additional rent mentioned herein on a pro rata basis for one day. . . .