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Bru Repatriation Agreement

Read also: In a historic move, Union Minister Amit Shah signs the Bru agreement to end more than two decades of crisis. Under the new agreement, he said, some 34,000 refugees from Bru will be settled in Tripura and assisted by the Centre to help them rehabilitate and develop them with a package of about 600 kronor. In accordance with the 2018 agreement, the Brus were promised 1.5 Lakh as housing aid, Rs 4 Lakh for means of thought, ration free for 2 years and Rs 5,000 per month. According to Interior Ministry officials, between November 2009 and November last year, more than 8,000 Brus returned to Mizoram, either by repatriation or on their own.- during the ninth and final round of repatriation. “What makes everyone happy with the agreement is that the voters of Bru, who are based in Tripura, are now permanently out of business in Mizoram,” the association said in the statement. “There were many families in Bengal who were also affected by the expulsion of the Brus. As the Brus arrived and settled in Tripura, the Bengalis had to evacuate the territories. The agreement will also help them,” Sarma said. 23 years after ethnic clashes in Mizoram forced 37,000 people from the commune of Bru (or Reang) to flee their homes to the neighbouring tripura, an agreement allowing them to remain permanently in the latter state was signed. On 3 July 2018, an agreement was signed between the EU government, the two national governments and the Bru/Reang refugee representatives, which greatly increased assistance to these families.

Subsequently, 328 families of 1,369 people returned to Mizoram as part of the agreement. Most Bru/Reang families have always asked that they be allowed to settle in Tripura, as they are safe. Recipients receive housing allowances, but the state government will build their homes and hand over property. They are transferred to relocation sites in four poles to pave the way for the closure of temporary camps within 180 days of the signing of the agreement. All houses are built within 270 days and payments are completed. Tripura`s chief minister, Biplab Kumar Deb, said he hoped to complete the process sooner in six months. The Central Young Mizoram Association (CYMA), Mizoram`s largest civil organization, welcomed in a statement the signing of the agreement, according to which more than 30,000 brus who fled Mizoram in 1997 will settle permanently in Tripura.