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Bucknell Roommate Agreement

It is up to you (and sometimes at your school, residence and/or RA if an agreement is required) to decide the nature of your contract, what should be included, whether or not you want a physical copy and who should be informed. Even if you don`t intend to write down every detail about how the part of your tiny space works, contracts can still be useful. A look at sample contracts or different types of questions that would appear on such a contract can be a great place to discuss how you will both deal with problems or situations that might arise during the year. Click here to download the Her Campus Sample Roommate Contract. Students can indicate one or more roommates if they receive an invitation to indicate the available housing options or if they accept an HFS contract. For example, I hate rap music when I study, and when I say that on the first night, I don`t have to painfully ask my roommate to refuse her rap music when I study the first week of school because she already knows it. The consequences may vary depending on whether or not a colocation contract is needed and which authority oversaw the process. . . .