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Elgin Community College Joint Agreement

Oakton District residents who submit a career agreement/agreement should follow these steps to see if they are eligible: AbE (Adult Basic Education) courses include reading, writing, math, and computer courses focused on improving basic skills. These are the pre-college courses for adults who do not have a bachelor`s degree. Courses do not apply to an associate degree or professional certificate. Residents of other community colleges with which ECC has an agreement should contact their Community College to obtain a common agreement form from that college to enroll in ECC courses leading to their certificate or diploma. The student should ensure that, until registration, ECC has received a copy of the Common Agreement Form from their home community college to ensure that the student is billed at the rate of study in the district. Inquire about the details with your local people`s university. Students residing in District 509 who wish to earn a degree (Associate in Applied Science) or certificate in career and technical programs that are not offered at ECC are recommended to check the catalogs of participating colleges to identify a program of study and participating college in which they wish to study. Students then fill out a common application form and submit it. Federal studies are available to students who demonstrate financial need. These programs help students accept part-time jobs so they can pay for university.

Institutional work is available to students enrolled in at least six credit hours. The Visual and Performing Arts Center offers the community a refreshing different artistic experience. The CenterStage-Lineup avoids exhausted repetitions to support artistically relevant and fresh acts. The Arts Center combines club amenities such as gourmet dinners and a wine bar with shows of the highest quality. You will find a list of higher education institutions participating in Students should contact the Office of the Assistant Vice President of Student Services and Development/Dean of Students at 847-214-7715 to initiate the process. The school also offers joint agreements that offer additional educational programs to residents of each participating community university district. Some of these programs include sewing, modifications and repairs; the fashion merchandising option; the technique of photography; clinical laboratory technique; diagnostic medical sonography; and supply chain management. The following guidelines are used by the ECC for the implementation of the provisions of the Illinois Public Community College Act. Residents of other community university districts who wish to travel to Oakton Community College as part of a career/partnership agreement should contact the registrar(s) of their home university. Enrolment in general education courses and optional subjects is not allowed for a career agreement/joint agreement.

Joint career agreements/agreements allow residents of the Oakton District to participate in an Illinois community college outside of their district and pay them at an Illinois Community College if they wish to earn a degree or certificate in applied science that is not offered in Oakton. This is made possible by the fact that Oakton Community College is a member of the Comprehensive Agreement Regarding the Expansion of Educational Resources (CAREER). Students are responsible for their own transportation to the university that offers the program. At the end of a program, students receive the certificate or diploma from the university that offers the program. Students can take all courses at the university that provides the teaching or can take general education courses at the ECC and transfer the credits to a later date. Joint agreements provide additional educational programs to citizens of each participating community university district. Students attending colleges participating in joint agreements are entitled to the rate of study in the district. .