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Gfcm Agreement

6.A Member State may, by mutual agreement with another Contracting Party to the GFCM, send inspectors assigned to the Programme to an inspection platform of that other Party. It shall inform the GFCM secretariat in advance of this deployment. Since then, the GFCM has amended its basic texts several times. In particular, the agreement was amended fourfold: 1963, 1976, 1997 and finally 2014. These concerned the change of name of the GFCM (formerly the “General Council for Fisheries in the Mediterranean”), new commitments for the Contracting Parties, including their contribution to an autonomous budget for the functioning of the Commission, the development of effective mechanisms for sub-regional cooperation and compliance with the binding recommendations adopted by the GFCM. (1) The Agreement establishing the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (`GFCM Convention`) provides an appropriate framework for multilateral cooperation with a view to promoting the development, conservation, rational management and best possible use of living marine resources in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, at a level considered sustainable and at low risk of collapse. Based on the available scientific advice, Member States that actively harvest red corals proceed by 1 January 2019, additional closures have been planned to protect red corals. » Member States whose fleets target red corals shall ensure that an appropriate scientific monitoring mechanism for fisheries and catches is properly set up so that the GFCM Scientific Advisory Committee can provide descriptive information and advice on at least: (j) the main fishing gear(s) used for fishing in the restricted fishing zone;*7.Fishing vessels using nets in the soil: Bottom trawls, longlines and traps without authorisation may only pass through the fishing zone if they follow a direct trajectory at a constant speed of at least 7 knots and with VMS and/or AIS on board. 2.In no authorisation referred to in paragraph 1 is prohibited, it shall be prohibited to harvest, retain on board, tranship, motivate, justify, store, sell or display or offer for sale red corals. (f) previous data relating to the erasure of other registers (if applicable); The proposal aims to transpose into EU law a number of measures adopted by the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) at its annual meetings in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The GFCM is a regional fisheries organization established in accordance with Article XIV of the FAO Constitution. Its main objectives are the promotion of the development, conservation, rational management and optimal exploitation of living marine resources, as well as the sustainable development of aquaculture in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and interconnection waters. the GFCM is empowered to adopt binding decisions (“recommendations”) within its area of competence; these acts are mainly addressed to their contracting parties, but may also entail obligations for operators (e.g. . .