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Juvenile Custody Agreement Louisiana

In most cases, Louisiana courts prefer to grant joint custody to both co-parents. This type of custody designates both co-parents as the child`s legal parent. Most courts and family law experts in Louisiana believe it is in the best interests of the child to have a frequent and judicious relationship with both co-parents, especially with younger children. Louisiana`s Child Custody Act can apply shared custody to both physical and legal forms of custody. Custody is provided by a co-parent who has the child`s main residence and who provides day-to-day care for the child. A co-parent with custody takes care of all important decisions for the child; These include decisions on education, religion, health, etc. Co-parents share both legal and physical aspects with shared custody. This physical care plan attempts to promote the joint care of the child. If you and the other parent disagree with your plan, the court may order you to participate in the mediation. During mediation, you and the other parent meet with a mediator to work out an agreement.

When an agreement is reached during mediation, the Mediator draws up a written agreement and submits it to the court. Shared, shared and shared custody is generally about agreements between parents….