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Severn Trent Bridge Over Agreement

Building on top of or near a sewage drain pipe can damage the pipe itself or your home. This could lead to increased costs for our customers and cause you significant disruption. So, if you have sewer lines on your property, you need to consider the position, size and design of your work before you start and contact us before the work begins. All companies in the water sector have legal rights to access public sewers located on private land. These include sewers located below or near a property. If permission to construct a sewer has been granted, Severn Trent will still attempt to reach the sewage drainage channel without disturbing the land. If this is unavoidable, they will repair all damage caused within the limit of what is reasonable. If a sewer has been constructed without authorization, Severn Trent has the right to access the sewers and protect it by any means it deems appropriate. In extreme circumstances, this may involve all buildings that relate to a public sewer being modified or removed at the owner`s expense. Overall, the transmission of private sewers has been beneficial for both public and water companies. It cleared the public of responsibility for sewers and put them in the exclusive hands of water companies, which are much better equipped to maintain the canal network. While confusion persists when it comes to issues such as sewer construction, there is no doubt that in the end, homeowners are better protected than against transmission.

If you are able to meet all the requirements, your project will be automatically approved (with limited exceptions). This only applies to construction work on a single residential plot, with pipes 150 mm in diameter or less. For anything larger, you need to fill out a formal build-over request form. When private sewers were transferred in 2011, the majority of private sewers and sewers in England and Wales were transferred to the public. Thousands of kilometres of pipes – the repair and maintenance of which are responsible for by the owners (often without their knowledge) – were the responsibility of the water companies. While this was undoubtedly good news for homeowners, the construction of these sewers by their former owners created a legal grey area. Each water company has its own policy regarding construction above or near public sewers….