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Smart Parking Agreement

In this article, we have reviewed some of the recent work on this topic and proposed a solution. Interviews were conducted with domain experts, user stories were defined, and a system architecture was proposed with a case study. Our solution makes it possible to integrate independent parking owners into a single system that facilitates the location of the park in a smart city. The use of such a system raises questions of trust and transparency between several actors in the parking process. To address this, we offer an intelligent contract-based solution that creates trust by creding sensitive relationships and processes in transparent and distributed smart contracts. From the point of view of architecture, services, and in particular microservices [7, 9, 22] and their composition, orchestration [20, 23], reconfiguration [21] and recovery [10] were not discussed. These are all outstanding issues that will have to be examined in the future. Finally[11] a gamification approach is introduced, which simplifies the process of finding a car park. It encourages users to participate in the reporting process by using data history to calculate the emptiest locations and providing a framework that does not foresee or require specific infrastructure installation. In this system, the concept of mobile crowdensing plays a central role. In order to ensure the involvement of drivers, the system assigns each driver individual points for their collaboration.

Examples of these collaborations are the installation of a special beacon or the declaration of the number of parking spaces available on the road. Pedestrians can also participate by creating reports via a mobile app. These points can be redeemed for free parking minutes…