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Toyota Lease Agreement Terms

These Terms of Use (“Terms”) set forth the legally binding terms that govern your access to and use of the Toyota Family from any respective websites, websites, interactive features, applications, widgets, blogs and content, as well as, unless otherwise specified, any other interactive content linking to the Toyota family of sites owned and/or operated by Toyota (as defined herein) (together, “Websites”. The Websites are operated by Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., hereinafter referred to as “Toyota”, and all materials on the Sites are the property of Toyota or its affiliates or are licensed by Toyota by third parties and published on the Sites. Another case where leasing is not a good idea is if you intend to buy the vehicle at the end of the lease agreement. Lease agreements may include conversion fees, redemption fees, and others that may increase the total price of the vehicle. The rental date is the date on which your rental agreement ends. As your rental date approaches, you need to decide whether you want to rent a new Toyota, buy your current vehicle, or return your leased vehicle. Learn more about end-of-lease options. For users who are not currently registered on our owner page, please call Customer Satisfaction at 800-331-4331 to opt out of receiving emails from Toyota. If you receive an email, you can log out at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions in the email you receive.

Your opt-out request will be processed within 10 days of receipt. Most leasing customers pay less cash upfront and have lower monthly payments than a financing contract. You can get 24-60 months of lease for new Toyota and qualified Toyota certified vehicles. (Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Conditions depend on the age of the vehicle).3 You even have the option to purchase your vehicle at the end of the lease. This can be very risky, however, because if the cost of the car is lower than what remains on the lease, the difference will be added to the new leasing and you will have to pay the depreciation of both vehicles. If you need any questions about your possibilities of changing a rental agreement and if this is the right option for you, feel free to ask us.. . . .