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What Is A Telework Agreement

A duly concluded telework agreement can be an important part of the growth and maintenance of effective and flexible employment. Recent studies show that telework workers are quite engaged, satisfied with their work and more likely to stay with their employer. The law requires each executive agency to determine the merits of all its employees for telework. In general, agencies have, at their sole discretion, the eligibility criteria for telework for their employees, subject to the requirements of the law. These criteria should be detailed in the Agency`s policy. Individual leaders should assess, on the basis of these promotion guidelines and applicable collective agreements, who is entitled or not to participate in telework within their working group. You can find more information about your agency`s licensing requirements in your telework directive, telework coordinator or TMO. You can find your telecommuting coordinator by browsing OPM`s work-life contact base. The law requires that teleworkers` executives and senior managers pass their distance training.

Workers must also undergo telework training before they can telework, unless the Agency Director believes that workers who have been employed in telework before the law are exempt from training requirements. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) offers online telework training for executives and employees. In addition, many agencies offer their own training as part of telework policy and procedures. In addition, information technology safety training at the Agency level is mandatory and executives should ensure that teleworkers complete this training and understand their responsibility for the safety of work-related information. For more information on agency-based telework training and/or information technology training, visit your Telework Coordinator or TMO. You can find your telecommuting coordinator by browsing OPM`s work-life contact base. The following basic steps help maximize the benefits of telecommuting for you and your working group, minimize potential administrative burdens and create the conditions for your employees to succeed. Regular telework: Periodic telework agreements are intended for ongoing telework and must be supported by a written agreement defining the requirements and terms of the agreement.

The agreement may last for a defined period of time or continue indefinitely with regular review. The work done by employees during telework remains subject to the university and other applicable regulations, including the Washington State Public Records Act. If the question of the potential effectiveness of the agreement arises, a supervisor may consider allowing the worker to telework on a pilot basis.