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Woolworths Enterprise Agreement 2012

RAFFWU is currently trying to end the old Woolworths EA from 2012 because it paid some workers below the reward and in hopes of retroactively receiving an estimated $1 billion in arrears. In a recent ruling in the case, Fair Work Commission Vice-Chairman Peter Sams said there was “prima facie” evidence that Woolworths had underpaid some employees “much less for many years under the 2012 agreement” compared to the award. The SDA said it expected its members to vote on the new deal at meetings next week. “The proposed agreement already has the fundamental support of the SDA, the AWU [Australian Workers` Union] and the AMIEU [Australian Meat Industry Employees Union], and we await RAFFWU`s response. About 93 percent voted for the new deal in a vote that ended Monday night, with 62 percent of the retail giant`s 110,000 employees participating in the vote. Retail giant Woolworths is facing a legal challenge over its existing wage deal with workers and a request for a $1 billion down payment. The company`s 2012 operating agreement was finally approved, leaving tens of thousands of workers underpaid by perhaps $1 billion after the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU) claimed an example of Woolworths had “knowingly and intentionally” misled the Fair Work Commission. 15 2: CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT 2.1 EMPLOYMENT STATUS Upon recruitment, an employee is informed by the Company of his or her employment base, i.e. full-time, part-time, casual or temporary workers. 2.2 WAITING TIME A full-time or part-time employee is subject to a 6-month qualifying period under the Fair Work Act PROOF OF AGE When hiring an employee, that employee must, if necessary, provide an extract from his or her birth certificate or other government-issued identification, for example a passport, a driver`s license. 2.4 FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE Means a weekly employee who works 152 hours on a 4-week cycle The minimum daily commitment is 4 hours The maximum daily commitment is 9 hours (excluding meal breaks), provided that an employee can work up to 10.5 hours in one day in a week or 3 days in two weeks depending on the subsections and the maximum number of departures in a week is 5 except if an employee works 6 days, according to the subsection, i.e. 6/4 List The hourly rate corresponds to the weekly rate divided by An employee may not employ more than one assignment per day. 2.5 PART-TIME EMPLOYEES A part-time employee may be hired to work a regular number of list hours up to a maximum of 20 days in a 4-week cycle with a maximum of 38 hours in a service week.

These hours may not be less than 40 hours per 4-week cycle and no more than 144 hours in a 4-week cycle A part-time employee may work by mutual agreement up to a maximum of 48 hours per week during the main business hours of December, January and the week before and after Easter Sunday; before overtime, provided that the employee does not exceed 144 hours in his or her four-week cycle according to the subsection The minimum daily commitment is 3 hours The maximum daily commitment is 9 hours (excluding meal breaks), provided that an employee is up to 10.5 hours per day in a week or 3 days in two weeks depending on the subsection and the maximum number of departures in a week 5, unless an employee works for 6 days in accordance with the paragraph, that is. . .